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Linde to Vanish in Favor of KION

Nov. 17, 2014
Linde Material Handling North America Corp. will change its name to KION North America Corp. in January 2015.

Linde Material Handling North America Corp. will soon be known at KION North America Corp., when the lift truck manufacturer changes its corporate name at the turn of the year. The change will more closely align the U.S. division with its parent company, Germany-based The KION Group.

The North American headquarters, based near Charleston, S.C., is currently expanding operations and aligning its development and manufacturing strategy with the KION Group., explains Brian Butler, president and CEO of Linde.

"The continued development and growth of our organization in North America is extremely important for the KION Group. It is one of the key elements of our Strategy 2020, which we are pursuing with the aim of significantly extending our global reach," says Gordon Riske, CEO of the KION Group. "We want to move away from being a niche provider and become a significant market player in North America under the KION name."

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