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The Wide World of Forklifts

A look at the many and varied makes and models of forklifts on display at the CeMAT 2018 exhibition.

There are said to be roughly 400 forklift manufacturers in the world, of all types and varieties of equipment. No single trade show, no matter how big, could possibly include all of them, but CeMAT 2018, held in late April on the sprawling exhibit hall campus outside of Hannover, Germany, included a couple dozen forklift suppliers from the continents of Europe, Asia and North America. While many of the best-known U.S. brands skipped the show (the MODEX show having been held just a couple weeks earlier in Atlanta), China in particular was there in full force with many companies and vehicle types on display.

While you won’t be able to kick the tires of these forklifts, the slideshow that follows will at least introduce you to the many and varied lift truck models being used throughout the world.

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