Broom Attachment

Broom Attachment

TrynEx International (Warren, Mich.) offers its SweepEx Mega 720 broom attachment, featuring a 72- inch-long mainframe, for cleaning up dirt, leaves, snow, material spills, standing water, steel shavings and gravel.

Unlike rotary-style brooms, SweepEx brooms have no moving parts, so maintenance is simple, says TrynEx, and their polypropylene brush sections are easily replaced, rotated or removed.

The Mega Series includes 11 brush rows, and the broom can be fitted with MegaWing 90 (9-inch) and MegaWing 180 (18-inch) extenders for large cleaning jobs. All SweepEx models include a magnetic bar, dust mop, edge-market kit and debris-containment ends, says the company.
TrynEx International

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