Customize Your Lift Trucks

The standard lift truck is material handling’s most fundamental and versatile equipment. Still, one size does not fit all, and working environment is everything. High noise levels, limited aisle space, heavy pedestrian traffic, or hazmat handling are all conditions that may call for lift truck attachments.

Lift truck suppliers and material handling equipment manufacturers offer a range of accessories that can enhance the versatility and utility of these industry workhorses.

If your goal is safety, look at products like back-up alarms, flashing lights and mirrors. If handling unique product is your mission, consider clamps, drum handlers or extensions. If enhancing operator ergonomics is in your plans, consider skid-resistant steps, assist grips or even pad heaters for cold-storage environments.

Whether your primary concern is to protect products, pallets or people or move heavy, oddshaped or fragile items, lift truck accessories can be vital additions to your material handling toolbox.

The key is to choose the accessories that best fit the specific needs of your operation. Here are some of the latest lift truck accessories that can complement and customize your lift trucks.

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