Forklift Works Two Shifts on a Charge [PRODUCT] Jungheinrich

Forklift Works Two Shifts on a Charge [PRODUCT]

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America’s Jungheinrich EFG 540k-S50 series of electric pneumatic tire forklifts handles 8,000-11,000 lbs. and offers operators the ability to work up to two shifts on one battery charge in most applications. Power consumption is minimized through advances in the AC electronic control system and strategic placement of key components within the lift truck’s chassis. The spacious operator compartment features a three-way adjustable Grammer full-suspension seat, long right-side convenience tray with clipboard and cup holders, and a SOLO-PILOT hydraulic lever control. It is designed for a wide-range of indoor and outdoor applications, such as agricultural and lumber environments.




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