GENCO Automates Lift Trucks

GENCO Automates Lift Trucks

Kollmorgen, manufacturer of driverless control technology, and GENCO ATC, a leading third-party logistics supplier, have agreed to a pilot Pick-n-Go project. This is an order picking system that works in the context of an existing distribution center environment using existing hardware and infrastructure.

The installation at a GENCO-managed distribution center in Jacksonville, Florida, features two automated Crown SHR5500 lift trucks. This is the first order for Pick-n-Go outfitted lift trucks in the United States, and will serve as a reference site for future Pick-n-Go rollouts within the GENCO ATC network.

GENCO will use the two automated lift trucks to fetch empty pallets and move between pick locations without requiring employees to jump on and off them. Once an order is completed and/or the pallet is full, the lift truck will automatically deliver the completed pallet to the stretch wrapper, while the employee is free to continue building the next pallet. Additionally, the system is expected to improve pallet positioning for better ergonomics.

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