Getting the Right Spin on a Forklift

Jungheinrich's EFG D30 that rotates a full 180 degrees.

Operators have an unobstructed view and are able to face the direction of travel in the EFG D30 from Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. ( The manufacturer says it is the first model designed with a full 180-degree rotating cabin. All hydraulic functions as well as the unit's travel direction switch are combined in one control lever. Able to manage loads to 6,600 lbs, speed along at 12.4 mph with a lift speed of 98 ft/min, the EFG D30 is powered by a three-phase AC motor. The truck reportedly works well in moving high, stacked pallets, loading and unloading trucks from one side and for moving large containers. Patented curve speed reduction steering system works to prevent tipping. Internal sensors keep centrifugal force exerted on the operator, load and truck at a low level.

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