Kitting Carts Meet AGV Tuggers Creform Corporation

Kitting Carts Meet AGV Tuggers

Creform Corporation engineered a fleet of flexible kitting carts and AGV tuggers that present sequenced kits of parts to each of a manufacturer’s assembly stations.  The core of the system is a supermarket storage area located in the company’s warehouse.  Here, parts and components are pulled in sequence and placed in the compartmented kitting carts that were built using the Creform System of pipe and joints.  Each cart holds either one product kit for single assignments or in some cases, multiple kits for small batch production.  Presenting the specific kits for production offers efficiencies for manufacturing because associates get exactly what they need, when they need it and no more.  The cart shown features eight horizontal compartments and two shelves, all with plastic floors and sides for damage-free parts handling and easy load/unload in the ergonomic strike zone.  The other side of the cart has pegboard to hang components and supplies on for quick identification and retrieval.

Creform Corporation


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