Online Forklift Market [New Products]

Online Forklift Market [New Products] is a manufacturer independent online market with an average of more than 60,000 advertised offers, bringing buyers and sellers/dealers together for efficient initiation of business. Offerings include every manufacturer in the world for every field of application, in addition to attachments and accessories. Rental equipment can also be searched for on this platform. People interested in buying or renting products can enter different criteria like model, make, operating hours, price and the maximum distance from their location. Results, including photos, detailed information and contact details of the provider, can be sorted and compared according to age, price and other truck specific parameters. A search for dealers in a particular vicinity is also possible. The platform also enables dealers to respond flexibly to customer requests. OEMs can integrate their entire network of dealers here, or organize it country-wise; they can also provide information about new products and make special offers. Even used trucks such as those returned after leasing can be published online.



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