Propane as a Forklift and Truck Fuel

At its most recent Propane Forklift and Fleet Conference, the Propane Vehicle Council dissolved itself and formed, instead a new and more streamlined organization, the Engine Fuel Coordinating Committee (EFCC). The new entity will focus on “recapturing, retaining and expanding propane’s presence in the engine fuel market,” says Roy Willis, President of the Petroleum Education & Research Council (PERC).

PERC’s Engine Fuel Task Force that includes senior industry personnel from the Gas Processors Association and National Propane Gas Association, among others, recommended the change.

With engine regulations changing and deadlines for 2005 and 2007 set to change the face of truck transportation, the “environmental, economic and regulatory climate is ready for market development,” says Brian Feehan, chosen as the Managing Director of EFCC. “Now is the time for the engine fuel segment of propane to further evolve to truly grow the market.”

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