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Topson Downs Adopts Omni-Channel Fulfilment Tool [New Products]

Topson Downs Adopts Omni-Channel Fulfilment Tool [New Products]

Topson Downs, a supplier to major apparel retailers, has selected the GT Nexus platform to standardize supply chain workflows, improve visibility and support rapid growth. Automated processes for purchase orders, invoices, settlements, ASNs, packing and scanning and work-in-process tracking will enable Topson Downs to handle heavier order volumes, including smaller and more frequent orders to support omni-channel, without adding staff or resources. The ability to automate processes from supplier purchase order through settlement, including factory floor packing, scanning and WIP tracking, enables this supplier to manage processes by exception, improve accuracy levels and significantly reduce chargebacks and provide better service levels for customers.

GT Nexus


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