Slice’s Safer Cutting Tools: Many Options to Fit Your Needs

March 25, 2019
Safety always comes first at Slice®. When we started making safer knives, the first question we asked was: How can we make the blade safer?

Safety always comes first at Slice®. When we started making safer knives, the first question we asked was: How can we make the blade safer? After all, the blade is what cuts you and accidental lacerations are a problem across industries. Slice engineers worked the problem and created the only truly safer blade. Our patent-pending finger-friendly® grind is so safe that you can actually touch the blade edge.

All of our blades are made of an advanced ceramic: we use 100 percent zirconium oxide, which is extremely hard. That hardness, combined with our proprietary design, makes Slice blades very long-lasting: they last up to 11 times longer than steel.

Traditional metal and ceramic blades are dangerously sharp. That excessive sharpness is not necessary for the blade to cut everyday materials like cardboard, foam, or clamshell packaging. This traditional design is absolutely not safer—quite the opposite, in fact.

The overly sharp blade edge is popular because manufacturers of metal blades want to extend the life of their product: metal is relatively soft so it dulls quickly. While excessive sharpness makes steel blades last longer, it poses a great risk to user safety. Until now, ceramic blade manufacturers have simply copied this popular, but dangerous, blade design.

Slice proves that overly sharp is not necessary. All of our blades are effectively sharp, but also safe to touch from the outset, and they stay that way for a long time. And because our blades last longer, you don’t have to change them as frequently. Handling a blade directly is dangerous. Changing blades is also costly and time consuming. The fewer times you have to change blades, the better.

The Slice focus on creating safer tools extends to all design elements, so our handles are as safe as possible, too. All our tools are ergonomic, which means they fit well in your hand and allow for comfortable, natural movement. This helps reduce muscle fatigue and repetitive stress injuries. Many of our tools don’t look like anything else you’ll see on the market. Slice tools work well in just about any environment where you’d use a cutting tool: at work, in an industrial setting, and at home.

The following tools are popular with our industrial clients.

Slice Utility Knives: Find Your Fit

The Slice 10562 Folding Utility Knife

Utility knives are sturdy tools made for general-purpose cutting and can tackle tough materials as well as thin packing tape. These are the go-to knives in many warehouse and industrial settings.

Because people have different preferences, Slice make several types of utility knives, including the beautifully designed Slice 10562 Folding Utility Knife for those who favor a traditional buck knife design. It features a metal body and a steadying finger loop at the hinge. The attached belt clip makes it easy to store and carry.

Aside from the Folding Utility Knife, Slice makes two other styles of metal-handle utility knife: a manual- and an auto-retractable version. Slice offers these retraction mechanisms for many of our tool models, and we’ve color coded them for your convenience: orange accents indicate manual retraction and green accents indicate auto-retraction.

The Slice® 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife.

Slice also makes utility knives with glass-filled nylon (GFN) handles. GFN is a highly durable, lightweight composite. Our GFN utility knives offer a third retraction option: smart retraction. The Slice 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife is the ultimate in retraction safety: the blade is exposed when the user engages the slider, and to remain exposed the blade must be in contact with the material the user is cutting. So, if there’s no pressure on the blade, it will retract, even if the user is pressing on the slider. This prevents accidental cuts if the tool slips.

Sometimes you need to cut thicker, softer material like foam or insulation, and that’s where Slice industrial knives shine. You can extend the blade up to three inches. Choose from manual- and auto-retractable options. This short video shows how easily the Slice 10559 Manual Industrial Knife cuts through fiberglass insulation:

Box Cutters, Large and Small

The Slice 10503 Auto-Retractable Box Cutter

Box cutters are popular in many workplace settings, and Slice gives a unique twist on this common tool with our J-hook design. Slice box cutters sit level with the material you’re cutting to provide a solid foundation: this tool is excellent for long, straight cuts. This short video shows the Slice 10503 Auto-Retractable Box Cutter in action and demonstrates how it protects you and the contents of your box:

Many industries use the traditional carton cutter, so we made a safer version. This smaller cutter with its slim design fits easily in a coat, pants, or apron pocket. Like other carton cutters, the Slice 10585 Manual Carton Cutter works well on thinner materials like packing tape and box board.

The Slice 10515 Manual Mini Cutter

Slice mini cutters are versatile with their small, portable size and powerful cutting ability. This palm-sized tool offers excellent utility and features the same blade as the larger J-hook box cutters. There’s a magnet and a lanyard hole in the handle, which provides options for storage.

The Slice pen cutters have the look and feel of your favorite writing implement. Their narrow shape fits easily in a pocket or pen cup. Like the mini-cutter, they feature the same blade as the larger box cutters, so you can cut similar materials, and this design allows for greater maneuverability.

Blade Options and Blade Replacement

Slice makes rounded-tip blades and pointed-tip blades for all our tools with replaceable blades. This is true of our box cutter blades as well as our industrial and utility knife blades. The tools ship with the rounded-tip version because it works for most uses, and it’s the safest blade. These blades are so safe that you don’t need to dispose of them in a sharps box. However, we recognize that sometimes people need to initiate a cut with a puncture, so we offer pointed-tip blades for that purpose.

We also make optional serrated blades for the industrial knives and metal handle utility knives. This allows you to switch between a straight-edge blade or a serrated-edge version, so you always have the right blade for the job. Serrated blades are particularly well suited for any tasks that require a sawing motion.

Slice makes switching between (or replacing) blades easy: you don’t need an extra tool to remove or insert a blade.

Slice Safety Scissors

The Slice 10545 Large Scissors.

There are three model of safety scissors in the Slice line. While each fits a slightly different application or hand size, all Slice scissors are excellent general-purpose cutters: they’re strong enough to cut Kevlar-reinforced fabric, as well as everyday materials like paper, card stock, and cardboard.

Slice makes the 10546 Pointed-Tip Scissors, 10544 Small Scissors, and 10545 Large Scissors. You’ll need pointed-tip scissors if you have to initiate your cut with a puncture. The 10544 Small Scissors work well for smaller hands, and the 10545 Large Scissors are great for larger hands and also allow for a more powerful grip. All three pairs feature moderately short blades for maneuverability.

Left-Handed, Right-Handed

All Slice tools work for lefties and righties. With some tools, like our safety scissors, they’re always suitable for either handedness. For other tools, simply flip the blade around to switch from a right-handed tool to left-handed and back. Our convenient no-tool blade change comes in handy here.

Slice: Always Rethinking Safety

Slice continually develops new products to fit different needs or wants, and always prioritizes making every cutting task safer. That’s what drives our innovative tool designs and informs our workplace safety blog, where we share resources and educational information to help workers stay safe. Our tools are durable, effective, and greatly reduce the chances of lacerations and overuse injuries. What Slice tool will be your new favorite?

Author bio:

TJ Scimone is founder and owner of Slice, Inc. Since 2008, his goal has been to create the safest cutting tools possible. He’s worked with world-class designers to accomplish this goal. Slice’s unique tools offer finger-friendly blades and ergonomic designs.

Slice’s website: www.sliceproducts.com

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