12 Booths that Rocked Modex 2014

12 Booths that Rocked Modex 2014

Cloud computing was a hot topic for many material handling and logistics providers. Experienced attendees had strategy sessions with suppliers and potential suppliers. New attendees bounced ideas off vendors for "doability." This was MH&L's first time using Twitter for show coverage, let us know how you liked it in the comment box below.  

MODEX 2014 was as much about the talent required to apply material handling and logistics technology as it was about the technology itself. As you'll see in MH&L's encounters with some of the industry's key participants during this event, they and their organizations are investing more and more of their resources into talent development. They know their futures depend on it. This gallery recounts some of those meetings for the benefit of those who weren't there and for those who were and would like to compare notes. Please send your MODEX insights to [email protected]

Dematic's Matt Inbody, Cloud & partner svs, demonstrates how Google Glass can be used in order fulfillment

With the trend toward industrial hardened operator interface devices, Dematic may eventually work with a partner to develop industrially hardened versions of Google Glass to interoperate with their order fulfillment platform. At the same time, Dematic recognizes that smaller customers want to offload many aspects of facility management, relying on vendors for system support.

Prashant Bhatia from JDA Software: Omnichannel is biggest challenge in retail but also impacts manufacturing.

As JDA Software continues to integrate its supply chain planning solutions with the supply chain execution solutions it gained from the RedPrairie acquisition, the company is focusing on distribution-centric supply chains.

Vishal Minocha of Infor introduced Infor SCE 10.3 that includes social collaboration & BI dashboards

Infor Supply Chain Execution version 10.3 is integrated with with Infor Ming.le, a comprehensive social collaboration platform, which will help warehousing and logistics operations react more quickly to changing customer and market requests.

Tanya Paterno showcased the new Sealed Air Instapak Simple, targeted at e-commerce and storefront markets.

The Instapak Simple foam-in-pack solution from Sealed Air offers an affordable system for operations producing less than 25 packs a day. It can run at household voltage electrical levels.

Kaz Matsuyama: SATO is targeting its products to a globally ubiquitous future.

While introducing the new CL4NX series of industrial thermal barcode printers, SATO's president and CEO Kaz Matsuyama pointed out that in today’s globalized world, companies need to ensure optimum borderless operations. SATO is anticipating a future of ubiquitous devices and technologies.

Mark Hoch of Hyster announced the H-360 truck for container handling has turbo charged engine for better efficiency.

Mark Hoch of Hyster says H-360 truck for container handling has turbo charged engine for better efficiency. Mark walked us through Hyster's role in their customer supply chains, from port to plant. Great opportunity to sit and stand at the controls.

Tim Blackwell from Yale on center rider, for picking at height. Food client upped pickfaces, saved 60,000 sqft

Tim Blackwell, Yale, on his company's new center rider pallet truck designed for raising the operator for picking at height. By storing more fast-moving items in a more concentrated area, one food client was able to increase its number of pickfaces and saved 60,000 sq.ft. of space in the bargain. I actually had the opportunity to meet this client and have dinner with him and Vocollect, his pick-by-voice supplier, to get more insights about the value of a pallet jack that raises the operator to pick at height and pick by voice. 

Nyle Morris from Knighted-Intelligrated: "WMS & WCS must keep up with automation. 30 min gap in data flow is huge."

Nyle Morris,Knighted-Intelligrated: WMS & WCS must keep up with automation. 30 min gap in data flow is huge.  The trend is toward more each-picking with the growth of omnichannel commerce. The problem is that as technology evolves, there's a need for people with backgrounds in diverse disciplines--but you can see people with their original skill sets underperforming. And traditional WMS don't speak at the speed of today's machines. Takeaway: Warehouse management and warehouse control systems must collaborate at the speed of automation.  #MODEXMHL pic.twitter.com/tWBQCyBqB7

Raymond's Alan Purdy: 5% of forklift costs is energy. Regenerated energy and AC drive save $1000 per truck.

Purdy thinks new power sources have great potential for lift trucks. Lithium ion batteries, for example, can be charged six times faster than lead acid and could find a home in demanding applications like cold storage and food & beverage. But don't get caught up in a single technology, he advises. Take into account the number of times you lift, haul and accelerate.

Andrea Nottestad of Orbis showed a 42x30 pallet that fits through doorways for easier in-store fulfillment.

Omni-channel fulfillment is changing how reusable containers and pallets are designed and used. These are no longer limited to closed loops. Pick-to-belt, pick-to-cart and order fulfillment out of stores is more common. Small-format stores are being replenished using smaller pallets that fit through their front doors--because they don't have dock doors.

Daifuku Webb booked $100 million in new projects for 2014 so far and they're looking to fill 100 openings.

This large supplier of large manufacturing systems is now taking on smaller warehousing projects thanks to its acquisition of Wynright. It is also working with schools to develop new talent. One of the interns in this outreach developed an i-Phone app to replace wired pendants to control AGVs.


Tom Andel was able to be a guest on Seegrid's live radio show talking about the need for supplychain talent driving innovation.

I was interviewed by Todd & Todd for Seegrid's show-floor radio show. They were getting an assessment from a variety of industry sources on the major trends driving material handling & logistics. It will be available online soon.

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