AIM Global launches RFID software initiative

AIM Global’s RFID Experts Group (REG) is forming an action group to provide guidance related to radio frequency identification (RFID) middleware, application software and hybrid automatic identification data capture (AIDC) management tools.

“As the RFID market evolves and incorporates various forms of AIDC data, there is an increasing focus on transforming this information into actionable business intelligence,” say Nissim Ozer, head of the REG as well as chief technology officer of RF Code Inc. “Collecting massive amounts of information is not the goal. The process of filtering, consolidating and managing this information will be instrumental in capturing an overall ROI.”

According to Craig Harmon, REG chair, “It is important for the industry experts to collaborate. Bringing experts from the software, hardware and end user application area together to develop this guidance will be instrumental in the continued growth of RFID to improve business value.”

The software effort’s membership will include representatives from providers and users of RFID technologies, including Michelin, the U.S. Department of Defense, Savi Technology, the University of Pittsburgh and Intermec Technologies.

The group is planning its first meeting for September. Those interested in participating should contact Mary Ann Thompson at [email protected]. or

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