Automatic Case-Pick Buffering System

The Schaefer Case Picking (SCP) system is a compact, highly dynamic buffer system with throughputs starting at 30,000 and going up to well over 500,000 units per day. The goods of warehouse pallets are automatically separated, put in layers on system trays, and buffered using gentle product movement processes. Picking from the layer trays can be done automatically using single units or in parallel with multi-access. Product identification, tracking and inventory can be done without the common labeling by barcodes or transponders – a special advantage for the warehousing of temperature controlled fresh products. During the entire picking process, the goods are captured photo-optically. The article master data including versions are captured in goods receiving while the monitoring of expiration dates and batch tracking is activated together with other target data filed with IT for parameters such as weight and material. The standard component modules of the SCP are tailored to customer-specific requirements and fulfill the specifications of segments such as food, non-food, or deep-freeze, as well as of temperature-controlled goods.

SSI Schaefer Systems International North America


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