Cargo Seals Pass Security Tests

The three ā€“ Savi Technology ( , E.J. Brooks Co. ( and Hi-G-Tek ( ā€“ note their electronic seals that operate in the lower frequency band outperformed others that use higher frequencies. The seals automatically identify the location and security breaches of containers.

The results are the outcome of an independent six-month study by the Container Handling Cooperative Program (CHCP). The seals delivered stronger signal strength than higher frequency models that require line-of-sight for transmission. All models transmit their data to fixed readers that automatically capture wireless alerts. In marine terminals, lower frequency seals can send data around metal objects, like cargo containers. E-seals are microchips with radio antennas for automatic data transmission. When a seal is broken, it reports its identity and location to a reader that relays the information to proper authorities.

The CHCP is a private-public partnership organized by the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration (MARAD). It includes members from technology providers, terminal operators, transportation companies, port authorities and analysts.

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