Delivering Real-Time Worldwide Monitoring of Cargo

The two companies have integrated two emerging technologies into their Intelligent Trade Lane solution. The first is being called Tamper-Resistant Embedded Controllers (TREC), which are wireless device that can instantly send and receive data, including location using GPS, temperature and notification if a container is opened or closed.

The second technology is a fully integrated network that combines data from TREC with a non-proprietary sensor network and business integration system. The system permits accredited supply chain partners to access real-time transportation-related data without manual processes.

“The capabilities of the TREC device and network eliminate the time lag of the physical container status to provide real-time visibility,” says Maersk Logistics’ managing director, Henrik Ramskov. “This provides new opportunities for truly adaptive planning while also maintaining data quality.”

Aimed at commercial introduction next year, IBM and Maersk Logistics are currently creating a formal pilot project. Field testing is slated to begin in early November with a larger commercial pilot to follow in March 2006.

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