Disaster Preparedness Tools Offered

Only 43% of companies feel prepared for a one-week disruption in their business, according to the survey. And just 22% feel prepared for a one-month disruption.

Based on these and other findings, the American Red Cross and FedEx have been working together to examine small business disaster preparedness and are developing preparedness solutions to help small business owners develop an emergency plan.

"Having responded to more than 75,000 disasters nationwide last year, we've seen first hand how businesses with trained employees, protected resources, and plans for operational continuity can decrease the physical and financal impact of a disaster and lessen the burden on first responders," said Darlene Sparks Washington, director of preparedness for the American Red Cross. "All businesses should have a disaster plan, but for small busineses, being prepared can make a difference in being able to stay in business after a disaster."

According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, one in four businesses do not reopen after a major disaster such as a flood or a tornado. The group points out that small businesses account for 99% of the businesses in the United States.

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