Ensure Machine Guarding Tapeswitch Corporation

Ensure Machine Guarding

Tapeswitch Corporation’s multi-gate monitoring system consists of the HE Series non-contact safety interlock switches and an SCU-1 control unit for machine guarding. This system is designed for where monitoring for a guard is required and locking is not required, such as in converting, packaging, paper, food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, canning, mail, steel, motor, weighing, semiconductor, plastic, and aluminum machinery applications. The HE Series are magnetic non-contact switches featuring fully encapsulated solid state, single point switching with built in, dual color, LED status indication. This is a multi-gate switch solution capable of monitoring up to 30 switches in the series. Since the HE series is a HED double switch, it reduces the amount of wiring for multiple gates and reduces the brackets needed for mounting the switches.

Tapeswitch Corporation


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