A Faster, Longer Running Reach Truck

Toyota Material Handling's new line of 8-Series AC reach lift trucks is aimed at distribution center, refrigerated warehouse and 3PL applications, among others. “The 8-Series reach trucks were designed with the specific needs of our warehousing customers in mind,” said Shankar Basu, president and CEO of Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A. “Toyota's new reach truck line offers the features that our customers need to keep their businesses operating at top efficiency, including faster product travel speeds by up to 17 percent and fewer service intervals.”

Among other enhancements on the new 8-Series is an AC-powered drive system that enables operators to move more pallets than previously and is highly responsive to operator commands.

Maintenance costs are lower with the new drive system since it has no motor commutator, brushes or springs.

The 8-Series is available in three models: single reach lift trucks with 3,500- and 4,500-lb lifting capacities and a double reach 3,000-lb model. The 8-Series 36-volt units come equipped with an AC hydraulic system for quick, precise, efficient load handling.

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