High-Throughput Palletizing Robot

ABB Robotics’ high speed, compact IRB 460 palletizing robot (4-axis, 110kg payload, 2.4m reach) is designed to meet the high throughput requirements of end-of-line and bag palletizing applications. It can use the new ABB FlexGripper Clamp end-of-arm tool for secure handling of heavy cases or products not compatible with vacuum handling techniques. ABB’s recently introduced PalletPack 460 function package controls a complete robot cell operation. PalletWare configures a complete palletizing system via the configuration wizard on the robot’s FlexPendant, eliminating the need for traditional robot programming. An integral ABB PLC controls the flow of product on the infeed conveyors, pallet conveyors and gripper operation. ABB FlexGrippers are preconfigured in the PalletWare for plug-and-play operation.

ABB Robotics

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