Inttra Announces Booking 2.0

In cooperation with its 23 member carriers and a number of ocean shipping customers, Inttra says it has enhanced various functions of its online ocean freight booking tool.

Booking 2.0 expands dangerous goods details covering key data elements in a typical hazardous declaration and, in some cases, completely eliminating the need for parallel processes required for hazardous shipments, says Inttra.

Shipper can also dictate detailed instruction for cargo requiring temperature and atmospheric controls.

Container-level haulage support has been added for empty container positioning, multiple pickup and multi-stop export haulage arrangements. In regions where it is common practice, carriers can also provide container-level release numbers in a multi-container booking.

Inttra says it has also introduced split bookings. Carries can split multi-container booking requests into two or more discrete bookings to align with actual container space available on a vessel.

Inttra says 260,000 container orders are initiated on its e-commerce platform each week.

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