Kroger Improves Supply Chain Collaboration with Trading Network Service

Columbus, Ohio -- Business integration leader Sterling Commerce today announced that The Kroger Co., one of the nation’s largest retail grocery chains, will use Sterling Information Broker to achieve tighter supply chain collaboration for electronic commerce transactions with its trading partners resulting in increased accuracy, timeliness and operating efficiencies.

Through a single point of connection to Sterling Information Broker, a hosted trading network service, Kroger can exchange electronic documents with essential trading partners including customers, suppliers, freight carriers and financial institutions.

Sterling Information Broker enables Kroger and its trading partners to conduct business in a cost-effective and efficient manner. With Sterling Information Broker, Kroger can handle high data volumes, perform any-to-any data transformation and expand its electronic commerce program.

To improve the communications process of business information exchange, Kroger takes advantage of the Sterling Information Broker value-added services such as guaranteed delivery of business critical documents, proactive notification of document exceptions, data archiving, disaster recovery, end-to-end audits and controls, and customer support.

According to Sterling Commerce Vice President of Global Marketing Nolan Rosen, Sterling Commerce invests in network technologies so that companies like Kroger can reap the benefits of tight supply chain collaboration. “Our goal is to help companies improve their business relationships and continue to remove unnecessary costs from the supply chain,” Rosen said. “Sterling Information Broker enables Kroger to maximize integration between trading partners.”

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