LXE introduces wireless vehicle-mount computers for warehouse applications

LXE Inc. has introduced two rugged vehicle-mounted computers for supply chain execution applications -- the half-screen VX6 & the full-screen VX7. Both units are based on the Intel XScale processor and on the Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system.

VX6 image VX7 image

With the VX6 and VX7, customers can run their CE .NET applications on both their handheld and vehicle-mount computers, helping to reduce user training and support costs. The VX6 & VX7 support LXE's RFTerm multi-session terminal emulator, so customers can run legacy terminal emulation applications (ANSI VT220, TN3270, TN5250). When the user is ready to migrate to a Windows GUI or browser-based design, there is no new hardware to buy.

For lift truck drivers, the VX6 is designed to be easy to use with the keyboard and screen being in such close proximity. The full-screen VX7 is designed for more robust CE .NET applications that require a full-screen. Both units are fully heated, making them suitable for freezer/cold weather applications. Both units also have high visibility, indoor/outdoor color displays that are easy to read in any lighting condition. Both the VX6 & VX7 are 802.11g-ready.


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