MPIs label system provides real-time inspection at the point of application

To ensure 99+ % readability of the UHF and HF RFID pressure-sensitive labels it produces, MPI Label Systems Inc. (MPI) has implemented technology that inspects the read and write ability of each RFID transponder just before it is embedded in the label. This process has enabled MPI to application document 99% read/write accuracy of the RFID pressure-sensitive labels it produces and ships to customers.

Additionally, assurance of 100% viable tags is possible when RFID pressure-sensitive labels in roll form from any vendor are applied using MPI’s CTM 360 RW Applicator. The 360 RW head is customized to fit the application, transponder type and frequency. First the read/write head inspects each transponder at the point of label application to make sure it is good. Labels with defective transponders are detected and discarded. Acceptable transponder labels are then immediately written to with real time information and tamp-blow applied.

The CTM 360 RW Applicator is able to validate, write and affix RFID labels in real time at speeds up to 60 to 80 labels per minute.

RFID Applicator
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