Netflix selects Vigilance performance management solution

SUNNYVALE, Calif., (Jan. 21, 2003) Vigilance Inc, a leading provider of business process management and proactive supply chain software solutions, today announced that Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) has purchased Vigilance's Supply Chain Performance Management suite.

Netflix, which is the world's largest on-line DVD rental service, selected Vigilance due to the company's need to create scalable business processes that will allow them to support the rapid growth of their customer base.

"Our customer base grew by 88 percent in 2002. In order for us to maintain our industry-leading levels of customer satisfaction, we must be able to evolve our business processes without constantly hiring more employees," said Tom Dillon, Netflix's vice-president of operations. "Vigilance will allow us to manage by exception so that our employees can stay focused on high value tasks, even as the volume of customers and transactions we manage continues to grow."

Because Netflix is an innovator in a rapidly growing market, it was critical that the Vigilance solution be very flexible and capable of handling Netflix's unique business process requirements. The ability of the Vigilance solution to adapt to any desired business process, as well as the speed with which the software can be implemented, was central to Netflix selection of Vigilance.

"We completed a pilot of the Vigilance software in which we modeled business scenarios that leveraged information from three different existing Netflix systems in less than one day," said Dillon. "Vigilance's ability to flexibly handle our desired business scenarios and the speed of implementation will be a huge benefit."

Netflix's implementation plan for the Vigilance system spans most of their core operational business processes, including application areas in customer satisfaction, distribution and purchasing.

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