New Products-October 2003

New Products-October 2003

Product slotting software

Flow Planner from CEI Logistics ( is designed to improve picking productivity and replenishment efficiency, balance work activity, and build efficient loads while improving accuracy and ergonomics.

BoxWorks Technologies’ ( SlotWorks optimizes product slotting for a warehouse by recommending product slotting changes using average cube of daily picks, case weight, and crushability parameters.

Slot Logik from Intek Integrated Technologies ( is designed to optimize the supply chain for companies with frequently changing inventory profiles. It can be used to analyze products and recommend storage media.

Manhattan Associates Inc.’s ( Slotting Optimization application uses genetic algorithms optimize inventory placement and warehouse space utilization. The solution helps reduce bottlenecks and maintain level workloads across zones.

CatalystCommand Slotting, a warehouse optimization software solution from Catalyst International Inc. (, is designed to analyze facilities’ location assignments, recommend proper product locations and improve warehouse efficiency.

The Radio Beacon ( WMS software is designed to provide accurate, real-time validation of every warehouse function using RF handhelds and bar code technology. It can track serial and lot numbers throughout a warehouse.

FlowTrak Warehouse Optimization software from Streamsoft ( can help improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and use existing space more effectively. The software maintains an optimal SKU profile that helps the user manage unexpected shifts in demand.

Easy Profiler from Woodlock Software Solutions ( is a warehouse slotting product that features Windows-based point-and-click input and layout screens.

EXE Technologies Inc.’s ( EXceed Fulfill Suite includes Exceed Warehouse Planner to enable holistic optimization of complex or automated outbound warehouse processes, and Exceed Optimize to enable cost-based product layout and facility optimization.

Order management software
Escalate Inc. ( handles customer order management, multi-brand e-commerce, and multi-channel customer returns. PO & Shipment Management electronically communicates purchase orders and acknowledgements with vendors.

Cadence OMS software from Cadre Technologies Inc. ( bridges the gap between orders and the warehouse. The whole process is built into Cadence WMS for accurate and reliable information, in real time.

InOrder OMS from Morse Data Corp. ( is designed specifically for order fulfillment, direct marketing, publishing, catalog, and mail order industries with broad Internet capabilities.

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October, 2003

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