No Single Innovation Read RFID is The Key to Security Needs

That’s the view of Marc Mitchell, Enterprise Information Solutions (EIS) Inc.’s Transportation Practice Direction expressed at the most recent American Trucking Association’s Safety & Loss Prevention Management Council annual conference. Among other emerging technologies that offer promise for heightened security, Mitchell pointed to wireless communication equipment that permits vehicle tracking and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, among others. He hastened to add that despite continued focus on RFID by the media – in particular – it is not a panacea of security although it does offer important features for cargo tracking.

With other available adjuncts to the field, like geo-location technology, Mitchell sees opportunities to not only react to potentially dangerous situations but to be alerted to prevent events like the 9/11 plane hijackings occurring. He sees “the commercial trucking industry to be seeking proactive measures, not reactive ones.”

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