PC*Miler Rail 16 Now Available

ALK Technologies Inc., announced the availability of PC*MILER Rail 16, the latest version of its rail routing, mileage and mapping software solution.

Through ALK's close working relationship with all major railroads, it said, PC*MILER Rail features the most accurate digital representation of the current North American rail network. In addition to calculating and auditing rail miles, PC*Miler Rail, when used together with PC*Miler, is an effective tool in analyzing intermodal alternatives to truck-only moves. "Using the new PC*Miler Intermodal Analysis template, shippers and logistics providers can now find nearby ramps, compare truck and rail-intermodal mileage, as well as estimate savings in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions," said Mark Hornung, senior vice president, Operations at ALK Technologies.

Other key PC*MILER Rail benefits, according to ALK, include obtaining accurate mileage for fair payment of fuel surcharge, car hire, and state ad valorem taxes; tracking empty and loaded miles to minimize empty haulage costs; and rail routing optimization analysis for improving fleet utilization.


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