Railex Eliminates 250 Trucks with Priya WMS

Railex, LLC (Rotterdam, N.Y.) has redefined produce distribution with Windows-based Priya warehouse management system (WMS) from Motek (Beverly Hills, Calif.)

The innovative Railex approach replaces trucks with rail cars that run from a 200,000 sq.-ft. warehouse in Wallula, Wash. to a 200,000 sq.-ft. warehouse in Rotterdam N.Y. To ensure 99% accuracy of every shipment, Railex installed Priya companywide. It’s ability to support both third-party logistics functions and its ability to provide real-time inventory data has enabled Railex to successfully change the way produce is transported and distributed, ensuring stores and consumers receive the freshest produce possible.

“Railex is breaking new ground and providing services that directly impact the end consumer, from speeding fresh produce to market to improving the environment by eliminating nearly 250 trucks from the roads,” says Ann Price, Motek CEO. “We are proud to play such an important role in this new business model.”

Railex depends on Priya’s inventory management system to increase speed and accuracy. As trucks come into the warehouse, produce pallets are either crossdocked for lot sales or graded, selected, packaged, and labeled with store brands for resale as packaged goods. Produce is then immediately loaded onto trains for cross-country transport. While the produce is in transit, Priya provides real-time inventory data to sales teams who sell the bulk produce en route so it can be cross docked immediately onto trucks in New York for direct delivery.

“Railex completely reinvented produce delivery,” says Woody Dunkum, director of operations at Railex. “Priya reduces warehouse time by providing a unique and efficient crossdock feature and precisely tracks the inventory by giving us specific information by lot, pallet, and/or location. The powerful Priya WMS is an integral part of our process, and we continue to make steady improvements to the flow of information and ultimately the product.”

“Priya not only speeds accurate inventory management and accounting, but it enables Raliex to be fully accountable to its customers, growers, and regulators at every step of the process,” Price adds. Priya’s robust billing and reporting lets Railex track customer inventory such as bags, pallets, and cartons, to ensure stock is on hand to accommodate orders. In addition, the inventory management software automatically generates and prints detailed invoices for each customer.

Source: Motek

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