Rehrig Pacific and Intelleflex Partner in Cold Chain

In an effort to improve the quality and traceability of temperature-sensitive products in the cold supply chain, Rehrig Pacific Company and Intelleflex announced a strategic solution partnership. The partnership will create intelligent reusable transport packaging products to help pharmaceutical and food manufacturers, shippers, and retailers manage their cold chain operations.

Rehrig manufactures reusable transport packaging systems including plastic pallets, distribution and display crates, and carts and containers, and Intelleflex provides on-demand data visibility for cold chain asset management.

The technology will deliver on-demand data visibility for tracking and monitoring the temperature and condition of temperature-sensitive products, such as pharmaceuticals and fresh, frozen and packaged foods.

"Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and food manufacturers require intelligent cold chain management systems for safety and profitability," said Kaley Parkinson, national sales manager of Rehrig Pacific Company Supply Chain Technology Solutions. "Partnering with Intelleflex on intelligent transport packaging solutions and ZEST Data Services will provide measurable value and logistical benefits to cold chain operations. We are pleased to work with Intelleflex to assist with our ongoing pursuit of continuous improvement for our customers."

By incorporating Intelleflex XC3 temperature and condition monitors directly into Rehrig's intelligent packaging systems, customers can gain actionable data for managing the freshness and quality of perishable goods.

"By managing the temperature and condition of products at the pallet, tote or container level, we can enable an intelligent supply chain that includes uniform builds and loading, prioritized routing, streamlined operations, and improved traceability," said Peter Mehring, president and CEO of Intelleflex.

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