Ryder launches online carrier portal

Ryder System Inc. has added a Carrier Portal to RyderTrac, a web-based solution used to improve transportation carrier efficiency by providing enhanced visibility of shipment tracking information. Through the Carrier Portal, Ryder’s carriers, operations staff and management can access real-time information to follow the detailed progress of customer shipments.

The Carrier Portal allows carriers to manage status updates for all loads and shipments down to the smallest details. On the main Carrier Portal screen, carriers that have been contracted to support a Ryder customer can view information on their loads en route, as well as information on their entire day’s loads plan and future loads already tendered. If any load falls behind its intended schedule, it is highlighted on the dashboard for quick visibility, so Ryder operations and the carrier can react to ensure delivery is made on time.

Additionally, carriers can track individual loads and input pick-up and/or delivery information down to the stop level. All data is updated in real-time and is immediately visible to the end customer.

The new carrier module also contains a Microsoft Excel download feature. This allows users increased reporting and analysis flexibility at both a micro- and macro-level. Ryder operations will use this feature to enhance carrier reporting and monitor carrier compliance.


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