Samsung Electro-Mechanics deploys i2 SCM to gain visibility and shorten planning cycle

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Corp. (SEM) has deployed i2 Supply Chain Management (SCM) in order to improve supply chain visibility. SEM has implemented i2's solutions at the same time in three areas of the company: Multi-Layered Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) division, Ball Grid Array (BGA) division, and Optical Pickup Device division.

SEM's supply chain goals in this project are to improve on-time delivery ratio, inventory level, and forecast accuracy by shortening planning cycle time from monthly basis to weekly by applying the i2 SCM solution suite.

"We intend to install a unified global business process in three divisions, which would be a very difficult job without i2 SCM," says Bang Hwan Chung, vice president (CIO) of SEM.

SEM deployed i2 SCM, which includes i2 Demand Manager, Supply Chain Planner, Factory Planner, and Demand Fulfillment. The project ended in early 2004 and this is the first i2 go-live for SEM. The company is now implementing the software in three additional divisions. SEM's main customer is Samsung Electronics, which has been using i2 since 1997. Both companies are in the Samsung Group.

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