Supply Chain Solutions Firms Align

SAP America announced it was adding seven new SAP All-in-One value-added resellers and 26 new SAP Business One partners. Geared to small to mid-sized businesses, SAP's programs have focused on using its network of partners to tailor versions of its solutions to meet vertical market needs and other challenges.

In separate news, The Paradigm Group, encompassing United Supply, Global Sourcing, Classic Packaging, and Paradigm Marketing, organized its four business units under the Paradigm Group umbrella. "We provide a single source of products and information for everyone in the facilities business-from the manufacturer trying tofigure out what is needed in the marketplace, to the distributor who wants to know what will best serve his customers and his business, to advising the end user who is striving to be both cost effective and efficient," said Ralph Bianculli, president and CEO.

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