Tech sector still constricting

As it has since the days of the runaway dot-com boom, the supply chain technology sector continues to shake out, with large companies gobbling up small ones and mid-size companies merging with each other — all with the goal of staking out a larger market share. With software giants Microsoft Corp. and SAP agreeing to codevelop an enterprise solution (code-named Mendocino), virtually no deal is too big that it can't eventually happen. Just ask PeopleSoft.

The following scorecard highlights all significant corporate moves in the technology sector since our last update in the May 2005 Logistics Today:

Company/Product Parent Company Transaction Type
GNX Worldwide Retail Exchange merger
Intentia International Lawson Software Inc. acquisition
Intigma Emptoris acquisition
Lighthammer Software Development Corp. SAP acquisition
Mitrix Inc. Mitsui USA spinoff
Quatrotech Alien Technology Corp. acquisition
R4 Global Solutions VeriSign Inc. acquisition
Reva Systems n/a launch
Sapphire Consulting Services Quintek Technologies Inc. spinoff
Symagery Microsystems Inc. Psion Teklogix acquisition
Transora UCCnet acquisition
Webplan Kinaxis name change
Xelus Inc. Click Commerce Inc. acquisition
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