Tech Supplier Adds Real-Time Backup

"Even more than inventory, the data gathered by a distributor's enterprise software solution is the most valuable asset in their business," says Steve McLaughlin, senior vice president and general manager of Activant. "Inventory can be replaced, but contact information, order history, accounts receivable information, etc. is irreplaceable if lost or damaged. Backing up data should be as constant as breathing out and breathing in.”
Backup, even daily backup, is only half the challenge, continues McLaughlin. Keeping backups in a safe, secure location is also critical should disaster strike. Coupled with standard backup procedures, ABS provides the first step in a business continuity plan, he explains. The backup operates over a VPN, and every time a user enters an order or updates the general ledger, the transaction is automatically updated at Activant's secure site. The data remains protected and private until needed. Then it can be restored to the distributor's server or uploaded to a production site.

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