Two Tools for Managing Internet-based Supply Chains

From the Supply Chain Management Center at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, “In Real Time: Managing the New Supply Chain,” not only provides the makeup of the architecture of an Internet supply chain mega-portal and its interdependent layers, it also offers practical guidelines for meeting the challenges in moving to a new supply chain model.

“These tools will enable today’s business managers to realize the enormous benefits of the emerging Internet supply chain mega-portal, which allows online supply chains to connect customers, distributors manufacturers and suppliers in real time,” says Sandor Boyston, the book’s co-author. The two other authors are Lisa H. Harrington and Thomas M. Corsi.

The e-course is endorsed by the Council of Logistics Management (which will change its name to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals on January 1, 2005) and is available by subscription on its web site. It focuses on the management of a supply chain in real time and its interaction with every aspect of the extended enterprise. Learn more about the e-course at the association Web site: Find out about the book at the publisher’s Web site:

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