UPS develops new mail processing technology

The Automated Processing System (APS) from UPS Mail Innovations is designed to reduce the manual handling of flat business mail. APS streamlines the processing of “flats” -- which includes items such as annual reports, brochures and calendars -- by handling the weighing, sorting, application of proper postage and the verification of addresses. The new system accepts a variety of materials, including paper, plastic and cardboard, and can process multiple sizes of mail pieces. UPS used its industrial engineering expertise to develop the software program that serves as the system’s “brains,” evaluating how to best route a mail piece. With this information in hand, the system sorts, weighs and applies proper postage and determines the most efficient path.

An additional feature of APS is its integration with the U.S. Postal Service’s system, which allows a piece of mail to be tracked to its final scan prior to delivery.

APS is deployed in nearly all of the UPS Mail Innovations processing centers in the U.S.

APS enables a customized process down to the smallest detail, including instructions for responding to invalid addresses, which are isolated once detected. Following address validation, mail pieces are separated, sorted by location and loaded into tubs

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