USF deploys fuel management system to centralize fuel procurement

Motor carrier USF Corp. has deployed FuelQuest’s Fuel Management System (FMS) for all of its operating divisions, including USF Bestway, USF Dugan, USF Glen Moore, USF Holland and USF Reddaway. USF will utilize FMS to remotely monitor tank inventories, utilize online order management, manage supplier contracts, perform best-buy fuel pricing analysis, and manage dispatch and receipt of deliveries.

“With fuel prices continuing to rise, and our business growth driving increased demand, we decided that a strategic, centralized approach to fuel procurement was the only way to achieve significant fuel cost savings while improving our operational efficiency,” says David Gerrard, senior VP of procurement for USF. “Together with FuelQuest, we developed the historical performance benchmarks that provided the ability to calculate hard dollar savings and very positive ROI on the project.”

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