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Wide-Label Printer [New Product] Graphic Products

Wide-Label Printer [New Product]

Graphic Products’ DL 9000 PS enables users to create 9” wide signs and labels without a computer – eliminating worries about IT department and network security concerns.  The 10-inch touch screen tablet on the side of the DuraLabel 9000 PS comes loaded with OSHA-ANSI compliant software. Use the pointer stylus to navigate the touch screen or the optional keyboard with track pad to create and print labels and signs at your convenience. Its heavy duty rugged design is suitable for harsh industrial environments such as mines, construction sites, warehouses, distribution centers and oil rigs where wall-sized safety signs and labels can aid in communicating hazard and danger warnings. The large format labeling system was designed to generate site-specific arc flash labels, pipe markers, barcodes and other workplace visual communications which can be easily seen from a distance.

Graphic Products


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