WYNIT Selects Warehouse Management System

Downers Grove, IL - April 29, 2004 - Integrated Warehousing Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of supply chain execution solutions, announced today that WYNIT, Inc. has selected the IRMS Warehouse Management System to improve its warehouse operations and expand customer services. WYNIT, Inc. is a national distributor of digital imaging, computer peripheral, ID/security, outdoor and video editing products.

The IRMS system will significantly automate operations at WYNIT, Inc. in all major areas of the warehouse, including receiving, putaway, picking, packing, and shipping, at the company's facilities in Albany, New York and Fresno, California. Other major benefits that WYNIT, Inc. expects to derive from the use of the IRMS Warehouse Management System include improvements in operational efficiency and material movement, improved inventory accuracy, increased velocity in order throughput, and improved customer service.

"The ability to respond quickly and accurately to our customers' needs is of utmost important to WYNIT, Inc.", explained Walter Kolodziey, Director of Information Technology. "The real-time, accurate information that the IRMS system provides will allow us to meet their ever changing needs faster than ever before and provide them with the best level of customer service in the industry."

"We are pleased to welcome WYNIT, Inc. to our growing list of satisfied companies using IRMS to achieve better results in their warehousing operations," said Carl Brewer, President of Integrated Warehousing Solutions. "We look forward to working with WYNIT, Inc to achieve their operational goals. Wynit has a long reputation of successful service to its clients, with the IRMS system together we anticipate even higher levels of customer service, and unparalleled order execution times in the industry."

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