Zebra Technologies introduces RFID printer/encoder that meets EPC requirements

Zebra Technologies has begun shipping its R110Xi UHF EPC printer/encoder, with fully integrated support for Class 0 (read only) and Matrics Class 0+ (read/write) smart labels. It is designed for suppliers conducting RFID pilot tests and working to meet RFID compliance mandates issued by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and major retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores, Target, and Albertson's. The R110Xi is upgradeable to support future RFID protocols as new and updated standards evolve.

A member of EPCglobal, Zebra is involved in the development of RFID "smart label" technology, standards and applications for supply chain and business improvement programs designed to help suppliers meet the RFID EPC compliance labeling requirements set to take effect in January 2005. Zebra is also a member of the DoD RFID Expert Group, charged with developing RFID specifications for the DoD.

Zebra's R110Xi solution is designed for use in a range of manufacturing and supply chain applications, including asset tracking, inventory management, work-in-process, shipping and receiving, and distribution. With the R110Xi, users will be able to read smart labels with UHF Class 0 EPC- compatible tags or read and encode smart labels with Matrics Class 0+ read/write tags.


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