Wireless Matrix and SkyTerra Extend Contract

April 23, 2009
Wireless Matrix will continue seamless integration of satellite data services and cellular data service with contract extension.

"This agreement paves the way for Wireless Matrix to extend valuable next generation broadband satellite services to our customers,” said J. Richard Carlson, Wireless Matrix president and CEO. "We are pleased to renew what has been a highly successful relationship with SkyTerra. The new agreement provides business continuity and future capabilities to our satellite and multimode users.”

The agreement provides a seamless migration path that will allow Wireless Matrix to provide existing satellite data communication services via SkyTerra's planned next generation satellite network. Wireless Matrix's satellite customers will continue to receive satellite communication service without interruption, says Wireless Matrix. Integrating satellite data services from SkyTerra with cellular data service via its proprietary modems provides a key differentiator for Wireless Matrix's vehicle management solutions. Using satellite to connect dispatchers with vehicles operating in cellular-poor areas, Wireless Matrix's solutions increase the effective coverage areas for fleet operations.

SkyTerra (formerly Mobile Satellite Ventures) has provided satellite communications service to Wireless Matrix since 1997. The previous agreement between the two companies provided for service through 2009.

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