Exostar and Hubspan Align to Integrate Systems and Business Processes

May 24, 2004
Herndon, VA and Seattle, WA, May 19, 2004 -- Exostar, the global Internet exchange for the aerospace and defense industry, and Hubspan, a leading integration

Herndon, VA and Seattle, WA, May 19, 2004 -- Exostar, the global Internet exchange for the aerospace and defense industry, and Hubspan, a leading integration solutions provider, today announced an alliance to deliver seamless integration technology and services to aerospace and defense (A&D) buyers and suppliers. The joint solution enables an integrated connection between buyer*s and supplier*s back-office systems across the Exostar platform providing complete, any-to-any, many-to-many business process integration.

Exponential growth in transaction volume among Exostar trading partners is driving increased demand for robust, flexible integration options to complement Exostar*s hosted solutions. The alliance unites Exostar*s highly secure infrastructure & suite of hosted applications with Hubspan*s comprehensive integration services delivering a complete value chain automation solution to the market. The solution provides benefits to both Exostar buyers and suppliers enabling them to leverage existing system and infrastructure investments to interoperate with A&D and non-A&D trading partners.

*The combination of Exostar*s industry leading solutions with Hubspan*s broad integration capabilities and experience is a natural fit that together bring tremendous value to the aerospace and defense market as well as other market segments that interact with A&D* said Alan Higginson, Hubspan CEO.

The partnership simplifies the entire integration process offering a wide range of technical options, thus lowering the barrier to participation and creating a compelling value proposition for process automation.

*To successfully deliver supply chain integration solutions, industry consortia need to be able to exchange data and deploy applications efficiently and effectively,* commented David Metcalfe, vice president-research director, Forrester Research. *The partnership between Exostar and Hubspan supports this view by combining Exostar*s application platform with Hubspan*s interoperative data exchange services to deliver the right combination of applications and infrastructure to the market. As a result, the alliance will lower the barriers to participate and make it more cost-effective for buyers and suppliers to get connected.*

Under the alliance agreement, Hubspan services are embedded within Exostar*s procurement products and services, providing a comprehensive and flexible integration infrastructure for secure transaction management. *Leveraging Hubspan*s integration technology allows Exostar to further our commitment to our customers and their trading partners by removing barriers to supply chain integration,* commented Bill Angeloni, Exostar CEO. *Their technology is an important enabler of our solutions, making it faster and easier for trading partners of all sizes and levels of technical sophistication to interact with one another.*

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