IBS Logistics Selects Software to Power Supply Chain Management Services

Jan. 20, 2004
SECAUCUS, NJ and SHELTON, Conn.---January 13, 2004---G-Log, the leading provider of global logistics and transportation software, today announced that

SECAUCUS, NJ and SHELTON, Conn.---January 13, 2004---G-Log, the leading provider of global logistics and transportation software, today announced that IBS Logistics, a lead logistics provider focusing on supply chain management services, is now powered by the G-Log® Global Command and Control Center™ (GC3™) software. The state-of-the-art G-Log software provides the technology backbone of IBS Logistics' end-to-end supply chain management services to and from China. The single Web-based system offers collaborative, cross-enterprise logistics management solutions from source to destination across all modes and all geographies. G-Log's multi-modal, multi-leg, multi-enterprise solution integrates planning, optimization, execution, freight billing, and reporting into one seamless process.

IBS Logistics' customers will benefit from a single logistics system that automates and streamlines logistics operations; reduces transportation costs; and provides real-time information, more efficient production, and faster delivery of goods to market. IBS Logistics joins a growing list of logistic service providers that have standardized on the G-Log technology platform to power their logistics operations around the globe, including Exel, Stonepath Group, Toll Group, and USCO Logistics.

"Of all the logistics technology offerings available today, G-Log provides the optimum cost/service solution," said Gary Schubert, executive vice president, IBS Logistics. "G-Log is the brain behind our logistics' nervous system. Our extensive cross-continent network is now tied together so that anyone, anywhere can access our system to make the best decisions possible and proactively address supply chain 'bumps in the road' before or as they occur. Not only does G-Log enable us to expand our capabilities and provide our customers with the best supply chain management solutions available, it also allows us to process more shipments while reducing freight costs and ensuring on-time deliveries."

By integrating its supply chain network under the GC3 software umbrella, IBS Logistics can provide its customers with a competitive advantage, increased productivity, and reduced costs. G-Log's proven return on investment is realized as customers are able to reduce total freight spend by 12-15 percent and drop 1-3 days from the logistics lifecycle through:

· enhanced inventory visibility from shipment order through delivery
· more efficient freight consolidation
· optimal mode selection
· better exception reporting to support collaborative decision making
· improved freight payment functionality and historical analysis
· real-time track and trace capabilities
· ensuring on-time deliveries

"The logistics service provider (LSP) market is a white-hot sector for G-Log and will continue to drive major revenues for us in 2004. In order for companies like IBS Logistics to meet growing demand from shippers while maintaining optimum service levels, they must embrace technology-based services," said David Cairns, CEO, G-Log. "Given our marquee customer list, leadership position, and proven value in the marketplace, we are the beneficiaries of the growing trend of companies choosing to outsource their core logistics functions. As the scale and geographic scope of LSPs expand, the value of GC3 escalates as we offer the only single system to manage all shipments across all modes anywhere in the world."

By providing supply chain visibility and execution functionality in the same system, the G-Log powered IBS Logistics platform serves as a glass pipeline of transit information from the moment a ship sails until the freight lands at the dock door of the IBS Logistics customer. Not only can IBS Logistics customers check the status of shipments and "see" them for their entire duration, they can also receive alerts should a shipment not proceed as scheduled. Such supply chain event management (SCEM) functionality enables proactive, collaborative problem resolution in accordance with customer-specified business rules.