Provia Software offers hazmat tracking & reporting capabilities

Sept. 3, 2004
Provia Software, a provider of supply chain execution software solutions, has added hazardous material (hazmat) reporting functionality to its FourSite

Hazmat tracking and reporting has typically been a function that required an additional application to work in conjunction with the 3PL's logistics solution. The addition of the hazmat module to the FourSite 3PL warehousing product provides 3PLs with an option for tracking inventory and for material safety data sheet (MSDS) management.

The SARA Title III Act, enacted in 1986, requires an annual report be submitted to state and local authorities recording the types, quantities, and locations of any hazardous material that may be used or stored within a facility. With the hazmat module of FourSite, a listing of hazmat inventory can be generated at any time to generate the required SARA Title III reporting.

In addition to reporting functions, a bill of lading (BOL) created specifically for hazmat shipping is part of the hazmat module and addresses the special care that must be taken in shipping hazardous materials. This BOL depicts the contents of the shipping package, disclosing the contents of any substance or item that may be considered hazardous.

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