Welch Foods Improves Inventory Accuracy and Visibility

Aug. 5, 2009
Automating data collection at three production/warehousing locations helped Welch Foods improve inventory visibility and accuracy

Welch Foods Inc., a processing and marketing subsidiary of National Grape Cooperative Association, improved warehouse and inventory management operations, achieving over 99% visibility and inventory accuracy

Welch is using TAKE Supply Chain's Gemini Simplified Interface mobile software for Oracle Process Manufacturing to automate processes across three production/warehousing locations nationwide. The Gemini system controls inventory data collection and management across Welch’s entire product line of juices, spreads and fruit products, enabling the company to trace lots and batches within 24 hours, which provides visibility greater than 99% of the time with inventory accuracy rates exceeding 99%.

In addition, the system enables Welch’s to gain control over product compliance amidst increasingly demanding food safety regulatory requirements.

“We are extremely pleased with the results achieved with Gemini in gaining significant data integrity improvements, which have led to better accuracy, timeliness and visibility across our warehousing and distribution operations,” said Ray Gosselin, vice president of information systems and chief information officer, Welch’s. “Vital to our success too was the fact that TAKE worked with our teams to ensure seamless integration to Oracle so we could immediately experience the benefits of the system and begin fully leveraging our OPM investment.”

Warehouse and production workers at Welch’s use mobile radio-frequency (RF) scanners to record key transactions such as inbound materials receiving, inventory movements, production control of batch operations, quality control and outbound shipping directly from the production shop floor. Inventory data accuracy and visibility across Welch’s high-velocity supply chain was dramatically improved by capturing data immediately at the point of origin. The system automates the recording of key receiving transactions as well as inventory movements, transfers and adjustments, instantly eliminating data delays and errors, says the company.

Welch’s also uses Gemini's Compliance Label Manager (CLM), a barcode and RFID label management solution, to automate all labeling processes and produce barcode labels and RFID tags without investing in custom code, consulting or new infrastructure.

Concord and Niagara grapes used in Welch's products are harvested from vineyards across America and in select locations in Canada. Since the inception of its “unfermented grape wine” in 1869, Welch’s now produces and markets grape juice and grape jelly plus more than 400 other fruit-based products from juices to dried fruit to frozen concentrates.


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