Lawson Products Joins Group Purchasing Organization

Aug. 30, 2010
By joining Corporate United, Lawson hopes to achieve significant savings on indirect goods and services by leveraging the combined purchasing power of the group’s members

Lawson Products, an industrial distributor of maintenance and repair supplies, has signed on with Corporate United, a group purchasing organization. As a member of Corporate United, Lawson Products hopes to achieve significant savings on indirect goods and services by participating in a portfolio of pre-negotiated, leveraged agreements.

“Just like our customers look to us to add value, we look to our suppliers to add value and help us lower the total cost of doing business,” says Chief Operating Officer Harry Dochelli, chief operating officer of Lawson Products. “We expect that the buying power and resources of Corporate United will help us do just that.”

“We provide our members the opportunity to participate in a collaborative forum to learn, share best practices and network,” says David Clevenger, vice president of Corporate United. “As part of this group, they are not only able to leverage their collective spend, but also their knowledge to achieve more from their individual efforts,”

Corporate United combines access to leveraged agreements and the application of category lifecycle management (CLM). Through its CLM process, Corporate United handles the ongoing management of the contracts and suppliers across its more than 25 pre-negotiated indirect agreements.

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