Swiss Colony Upgrades Enterprise System

Sept. 9, 2009
Food and gift marketer Swiss Colony has upgraded its Kewill information technology system

In an effort to reduce transportation costs and improve operations efficiency, Swiss Colony said it will upgrade its existing Kewill system to Kewill Flagship.

The Swiss Colony Inc. and its subsidiaries offer over 30,000 items and ship over 160,000 parcels a day during peak season. The company has been a Kewill customer since 2000. With expanded product lines and additional warehouses, the company needed additional enterprise capabilities to maintain an efficient fulfillment process and provide exceptional customer service.

“Our renewed investment in Kewill underscores our commitment to creating opportunities for driving down costs while remaining focused on supporting operational excellence,” said Steve Wheeler, director of parcel logistics and operations systems for The Swiss Colony.

With the upgrade, Swiss Colony can operate its business on a unified shipping solution and capitalize on the ability to zone skip, thereby reducing overall transportation costs.

The Swiss Colony manufactures sweet treats, sharp spreads, and fine pastries. The company markets and distributes its seasonal and special-occasion gift products through their mail-order catalogs and Web sites. Swiss Colony's products include cheese, summer sausage, cheese spreads, nut mixes, chocolate covered tortes, and cookies, as well as hundreds of other delicacies from it's Bakery. The Swiss Colony and its subsidiaries offer gift items such as apparel and accessories, electronics, and home décor. Other catalogs operated by The Swiss Colony and its subsidiaries include Tender Filet, Seventh Avenue, Midnight Velvet Style, Ginny's, Country Door, Monroe and Main, ASHRO, Montgomery Ward, as well as an Internet based catalog, The company is a family-owned business formed in 1926.

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