International Paper Announces RFID Integration Service

Nov. 10, 2003
Stamford, Conn., - October 30 - International Paper, (NYSE, IP) announced today that its Smart Packaging business will offer comprehensive RFID integration

Stamford, Conn., - October 30 - International Paper, (NYSE, IP) announced today that its Smart Packaging business will offer comprehensive RFID integration services with an emphasis on the Electronic Product Code (EPC) technology and standards.

Most recently, International Paper announced the successful commercialization of the first-of its-kind Warehouse Tracking System using EPC technology at its Texarkana, Texas mill.

"We believe that offering a full suite of consulting and integration services will better help customers capture the total supply chain benefit of RFID," said Alan Clark, general manager, Smart Packaging.

Since 1999, International Paper has worked aggressively with customers to develop a portfolio of RFID products and services tailored to their needs. As one of the earliest members of the Auto-ID Center, International Paper created the Smart Packaging business to explore the emerging technology and how it could add total system value both internally and for customers.

"We understood from the beginning that RFID was a natural extension of our packaging knowledge in providing tagging value through the entire supply chain for our customers. As a world leader in packaging we have unique RFID capabilities to help our customers capitilize on this value" said Tom Gestrich, senior vice-president, Consumer Packaging.

The services offered by International Paper include:

· Educating customers on RFID and EPC technology and its associated value
· Assisting customers to develop and implement RFID strategy
· Helping customers find hidden value and extracting that value through RFID
· Developing and testing deployment model through tailored pilots
· Integrating full-scale tailored RFID solutions

A primary component of International Paper's RFID services is their systems integration capabilities, with an emphasis on translating RFID data capture to actionable information that drives business value.

"We're ready to help companies move from discussing the potential benefits of RFID to helping them apply the technology to real business challenges," Clark added.

As one of the world's largest providers of packaging solutions to the consumer product and industrial markets, International Paper's Smart Packaging business also offers customers a full suite of RFID-enabled supply chain solutions from smart packaging to warehousing and transportation tracking to the retail shelf. International Paper is a leader in the design, development and implementation of integrated RFID packaging and supply chain applications. To learn more about how your business can benefit from IP's innovative smart packaging solutions, contact Guillermo Gutierrez at 901-419-4719.

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